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Dear NDN Nini


You with the brown skin and brown hair. I see you walking this journey, working on trying to be a better man. Anishinaabe Kwewag are counting on you, for your Respect, Love, Honesty, Wisdom, Bravery, Truth and Humility.

These days it seems you have forgotten us. Leaving us to do the work of protecting the sacred. We need your Strength to carry on. We walk in balance but get push off every once in a while by your harsh words and non-compassion. The world has hardened you and we feel it. Our ancestors feel it. You come and go like the winds of seasons change.

When are you going to heal? Your kin, partners and friends are counting on each and every one of you. 1000s ancestors before you have made the same mistakes, it is up to you to heal for your descendants. One day you to will be an ancestor to your relations. If you don’t do the work in this life you will have to do in spirit.

We already have been born with the world against us, just by being NDN. You are worth more than you could ever imagine. We are the First Peoples! Stand proud! Don’t let the temptations of life destroy you. You don’t have to be perfect or live up to anyone’s expectations, and when you fall get back up and go harder. It’s okay to have fun and enjoy life. But seek that balance to be a niishin Anishinaabe Nini.

If you are in a relationship, treat her with the 7 grandfathers and she will push to do better herself. We need each other, whether it be family, friend or partner. Of all the sacred bundles we carry there is none more sacred than Love. The relationship between 2 people is euphoric when it is in its purest form. Love doesn’t mean attachment or co dependance. It means to uplift each other and help each other grow mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Dear NDN man you are enough, respected and cherished. Don’t let the world make you bitter! Find your strength, it’s in you DNA. You matter!


NDN Kwewag





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Climate Awareness

We all are enjoying the oddly warm winter we are having this year. Although it feels like a blessing we need to be aware of the affects it is having on other parts of the world as well as our home cities.

I must admit that I am rather fond of this weather but this is very damaging to our future sustainability. R.A.I.N to heal M.E (realize awareness in nations to heal mother earth) is a grassroots initiative to come together as ALL nations to look at ways to bring awareness and make changes to heal our planet. I have been deeply involved in the free 12 month programs across Ontario to come up with solutions, and to meditate collectively to bring awareness within each and everyone of us. http://www.free-meditation.ca

This proposal was created by the Sahaja Yogini’s of the Halton region. These volunteers have committed there time, talent and creativity to bring this awareness to everyone. Sahaja yoga was discovered in 1970 by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. The source of all her knowledge is how we have collectively come together. I personally have been a Sahaja yogini for 1 1/2 years. Based on my experience I have never felt anything so rewarding than to be a part of an initiative that is very much needed now!

Some rather shocking facts have been discovered by scientists and NASA. The arctic has receded 40% since 1979 and NASA has predicted that by 2037 it could have an entire ice free summer. If this happens many coastal cities will submerge into various large bodies of water around the world. The Arctic has felt the most damage of our ignorance to protect our Mother Earth.

This is not just about the facts of climate change it is also a call to action to come together to engage in ways that will we can address immediate action to prevent further damage. The reality is if we don’t do something soon the conditions will only get worse. Resources will decrease by double, food, water and clean air will become even more of a commodity. Collectively from our diverse nation of North America we can make change, we are stronger in numbers.

As an Indigenous woman I know the importance of balancing in all things. Mother Earth cannot heal as fast as we are destroying her. Also, as a Sahaja yogini I have learned that it is our duty to share true knowledge. With so many natural catastrophes happening around the world it is hard not to want to make change; we must remember that change happens within ourselves outwards.